The Sunburnt Country

Tributes have been written, sung and drawn about this Great Country, Australia.

It contains some of the most unique and amazing ecosystems, with beautiful plants and animals that can only be found on this great continent including, pristine rainforests, ancient rock formations depicting the beginning of time and beautiful beaches. Australia is both beautiful and mysterious, delightful and dangerous. The seasons vary greatly from the cold & snowy conditions of her alpine regions to the scorching heat of her deserts which can be dry and dusty one season and blooming with an explosion of beautiful and exotic plants the next. The tropical rains of the North and the European like climate of her more southern areas. The diversity just keeps changing along with the landscape. The Indigenous beauty of the ancient custodians as well as the European and Anglo influences have added to her charismatic charm and the history of the early settlements and her Outlaws like the famous Ned Kelly have intrigued generations. Add to all this the ANZAC Spirit that was born in the Fire, Trenches and Horrors of WWI and you have a diverse and interesting past. The ANZAC Spirit will live on for a very long time and will be remembered not only by Australians and New Zealanders, but people all over the world. The bravery, comradeship, humour and resourcefulness shown by those brave souls will forever remain etched in history.

Her animals can be some of the cuttest and cuddliest creatures on this earth but she also has some of the most venomous and deadliest reptiles and arachnids on the planet. 

The Quilting Fabrics we have compiled here are intended to pay tribute and respect to this extraordinary beauty and for a relatively New Nation, diverse and colourful history.