About Us

By: Who else but Narnie?   On: 1 March 2017 

Located on a rural property outside the historic township of Woodstock, Narnies Quilts & Things was born from the sheer love of quilting and the need to share that with other like minded folks.

We love quilting so much that we started looking to source the best fabrics from the best suppliers and designers in the industry. Over time, we decided that it would be a good idea to offer other quilters a way to buy the same fabrics and accessories at competitive prices from the comfort of their home or studio. This is how Narnies Quilts & Things was concieved. A strong love of quilting and a desire to share that with other people.

Narnies Quilts & Things is not a bricks and mortar store. We operate solely online and try to keep overheads at a minimum so that we can keep our prices affordable for you.

We will constantly update our site with specials and promotions so you can take advantage of discounts and limited editions. As a serious quilter, you're constantly on the lookout for something special to add to your next project and we know exactly how that works. If we find it at a reduced cost, we will pass that onto you. Our aim is to provide you with the quality you expect at the best possible price that we can offer.

Quilts are the most treasured keepsakes that one can give or recieve. They tell a story of love, creativity, dedication and attention to detail. 

So put all your problems away and come quilting with us.