Layer Cake

Quilting Layer Cake Bundles.

A Layer Cake is a super-sized Charm Pack! Whereas a Charm Pack contains 5" x 5" squares; it's big brother the Layer Cake is made up of 10" x 10" cuts of fabric. This gives you a lot of fabric to play with, especially for larger-scale prints. If you need to cut shapes for appliqué or create squares of different sizes, Layer Cakes are your best bet. Moda's Layer Cakes contain forty-two pieces. Other companies are also beginning to offer 10" x 10" square bundles as an option, such as Robert Kaufman's Ten Squares (forty-two pieces) and Hoffman's Bali Crackers (forty pieces).

Layer Cakes are 10" X 10" square of different fabrics from a range 40 pieces.