Toile Quilting Fabric

Toile for Quilting and Sewing.

"Toile de Jouy", sometimes abbreviated to simply "Toile", is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, generally of a pastoral theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers. The pattern portion consists of a single color, more often Black, Dark Red, or Blue. Greens, Browns, and Magenta Toile patterns are not as common, but can still be found. Toile is most associated with fabrics (curtains and upholstery in particular, especially Chintz). Toile can also be used on Teapots, Bedding, Clothing, and more. In upper-class American and Northern European society, Toile is often seen on dresses or aprons used at such events as country-themed garden parties or tea parties.

Beautiful Fabric with lovely designs and very pleasant to look at.