Reproduction Fabrics

Authentic Antique Reproduction Fabrics.

Authentic Antique reproductions from the 1700's, 1800's and 1900's.

Add a little Antique touch to your next Quilting project.

These are not actual antique fabrics. They are reproductions of fabric from the 1700's through to the 1900's. They were designed to bring bygone fabrics back to life for the modern Quilter. These fabrics will let you design and sew a quilting project that many will think has been in your family for 100's of years. If you have a sentimental yearning for the hapiness of a former place or life, these reproduction fabrics will most probably take you there through the eyes of your imagination.

Quilting Fabric that can make you feel like you are returning to a former time in your life or the life of a person you gift a Quilt to. Maybe a nostalgic trip down memory lane to ones home or homeland, family or friends.