Fabric from the Outlander TV series.

Take your Outlander obsession to the next level with our fantastic quilting fabric range available only on Narnie’s Quilts & Things!

Featuring many beloved characters you would find in the award winning TV series, as well as emblems and textures featured within the magical world of the Scottish Highlands. We provide Australia with the highest quality materials possible that could be needed for your newest Outlander creation. Make all your friends jealous with your one of a kind creation.

Create anything from a beautiful skirt that Claire Fraser may have worn, to a wonderful quilt cover or pillow case – the possibilities are endless with our extensive range for sale.

Traditional Fabric Range

Touch on Scottish tradition with our range of tartan plaid, or feature the beautiful Scottish thistle flower prints as part of your next quilt. Encapsulating many of the earthy colours that make up the picturesque Scottish Highlands, you can feel like you are part of the magical world of Outlander.

Tell your own story of time travel and love with 18th century prints and 20th century charm that can be found in the magical world of this treasured TV series.

As part of our range, we also have digital prints available with high quality images detailed on 100% cotton fabric. Showing both the wondrous Standing Stones of Craigh Na Dun, or the main characters Jamie and Claire Fraser, your next project will be a difficult choice to make with our fine fabrics of the highest quality! Suitable for anything from wall hangings, quilt covers, clothing, or pillow sets, the possibilities are endless for your Outlander themed room.

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Find out more about our Outlander fabrics range available today. If you are shopping for yourself, or making a gift for a friend or loved one, we believe our Outlander fabrics have you covered. Outlander is not the only franchise that we cater to, with our Pokémon fabrics making a statement for any young Poké master. Scroll through our extensive range of quilting fabrics, or ask us directly through our contact page.