Nautical Quilting Fabric.

Nautical fabric from Moda & Birch Fabrics, some of the fabric is 100% Organic cotton. Great manufacturers that have once again bring you some great designs and prints, some on Organic Cotton Fabric. Quilting Fabric that includes Navigation, Sailors or the Sea and her Creatures.

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides so it does not poison the water, soil or air and can even be beneficial to the environment. Workers on properties that grow organic cotton are spared the health concerns that arise from the use of such chemicals. This farming practice uses much less water to. 

The sea has fascinated generations since the beginning of time. It separated continents and kept secrets that could only be unlocked by being able to cross this great barrier. The building of boats and great ships has given us a way to connect continents and discover new lands and new people. This fascination has claimed many lives but has also given rise to legends as well as true stories that continue to delight young and old alike.

Quilting projects using these prints and designs can reignite this fascination with the sea. Be it a quilt for a bed or even a wall hanging, a placemat or table runner these fabrics will captivate and enthrall.

Make your next Quilting Project using a Nautical theme.