Beautiful & Delicate with a Rainbow of Colours!

Flowers are just awesome!

They add colour, fragrance & wonder to our lives. They convey messages of Love, Sorrow, Compassion, Friendship & Happiness. Nothing says it like flowers!

   A Beautiful Field of Poppies.

There are millions of flowers on our planet that come in all the colours of the rainbow and go way beyond that spectrum! They come in shapes and configurations that leave us amazed at how beautiful nature can actually be. The fragrance of flowers can vary from the most delicate of aromas to the not so delicate and some of the most beautiful flowers can actually be deadly and outright dangerous. It is however their beauty that keeps us all intrigued!

We have tried to put together a collection of floral fabric that we think you will find very interesting. There is much more to add to this so please keep checking back for new designs. Great Allovers, Repeat designs, Vivid Colours as well as great names in the Quilting Industry. Robert Kaufman, Lewis & Irene, Bambini, Fabric Freedom UK and more. 

Shop the range. You won't be disappointed.