Creatures Great and Small

Everybody loves animals.

When you learn to love animals, a part of your soul is awakened. That's because animals are like little angels sent to us to teach us how to love. They have the power to impact both our physical and emotional health in many positive ways. The stronger the bond, the greater the benefits. We at Narnies Quilts & Things absolutely adore animals and we have a whole family of our own. They are our companions and we love them as much as they love us because they give back more than they ever receive. We have therefore compiled a collection of 100% Quality Cotton Fabrics that capture animals of many different kinds in beautiful vivid colour for your quilting pleasure. 

Parrots, Kingfishers, Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Deer, Owls and even Possums can be found in these fabrics. The collection is only young and will continue to grow as we source more beautiful fabrics for our online store.