The Quilting Dictionary

By: Hazel   On: 19 April 2017 

Quilting remains one of the most historical practices in history, with the earliest known quilt discovered in 1924 by archeologists in Mongolia, which dated back as far as 100 BC-22 AD. Since then, there have been variations made through cultural practices, techniques and advancements in quilting tools. We have put together a ‘dictionary’ of popular quilting phrases and styles today which will hopefully help you discover new quilting methods to try out!

Pieced or Patchwork Quilts
This is the most common style of quilting today. It is a method of constructing a quilt by sewing different pieces of fabrics together into different patterns. This includes square accents, triangles, stripes and many other designs and is an easy beginner style of quilting.

Applique Quilts
Applique quilting is a form of quilting where you can have more fun with your designs and patterns. In this, it is common for people to use a blank quilt background and stitch scenes, shapes and ‘pictures’ onto your quilts. For instance, you can quilt trucks, fabric flowers, animals and other designs onto your quilt and create a cute and fun blanket for children to cherish.

Paper Pieced Quilts
This is a form of following paper printed designs, and stitch to these patterns and designs to achieve sharp and crisp quilting. It is a way to achieve difficult quilting shapes and styles in an easier way, and allows for different stages of difficulty to be explored.

Memory & Photo Memory Quilts
Memory quilts are a fantastic way to preserve life’s precious moments. Using old fabrics such as baby clothes, or clothing of loved ones and those passed on, you can create a quilt that celebrates the different people that have influenced your family and life. It can easily become a family tradition, and show the different generations of your family.

Another way to show your loved ones is through photos quilting, a popular form of quilting whereby photos are transferred onto fabrics and from that, quilts are created. These are great ways of creating a photo album type quilt.

Cathedral Window Quilts
Taking inspiration from cathedral stained glass windows, these quilts combine different colours, ombrés and crisp lines to form gorgeous and obscure quilts. These are a freer style of quilting, with different techniques being used to create different ‘stained glass’ looks. From obscure and bold colours to more translucent fabrics and textures, these create individualistic and striking quilts that anyone would love.

If you are looking to expand your methods of quilting, and explore the different types of fabrics and techniques you can use to do so, contact us at Narnie’s Quilts & Things. We have a vast range of fabrics and tools to suit any quilter in Australia. To find out more, visit our online store, or call our team on 0497 672 401. 

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