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By: Peter   On: 21 November 2017 

Why Go Through This To Get Your Fabric?

There is a trend online at the moment that is taking a toll on retailers everywhere. FREE SHIPPING.

Sure, we all love to be able to order something online and get it shiped to us without any shipping costs. But even though it may be an attractive option for the buyer, the seller wearing that cost will not be able to stay in business for too long if they continue to allow the postage costs to eat away at profits.

We get in our cars and drive an hour to a shop of choice, sometimes just to take advantage of some kind of special sale that's taking place. We get stuck in traffic, burning fuel and getting frustrated, wasting valuable time from our days routine just to save a few dollars ( or so we think). Not so my friends!

If you add the fuel, wear and tear on car and tyres, time wasted stuck in traffic jams, negotiating the crowds in the shopping centre and the centre car park and risking parking fines among other things, the product or products you set out to buy, actually cost you a lot more than the price of that item before the specials sale. But we humans are funny creatures because we don't actually think about all these things. We see the word SALE or SPECIALS and just react!

When you shop online and are asked to pay all or part of the shipping cost to receive your goods, you are actually saving money and doing so with no stress, at your leasure and in the comfort of your home.

Shipping fees are not your enemy! They can actually save you money and they certainly save you time.

Many free shipping offers come from online retailers that buy products of inferior quality from cheap overseas manufacturers and even though that product looks similar to the one that it was duplicated from, the quality is inferior. Are you really saving in the long run? Fabric is not the same everywhere. You have things like Thread Count to consider as well as the type of dyes used, colourfastness, weight, materials used in its manufacture etc. 

Sometimes the bargain you think you bought actually cost you double thanks to all the factors mentioned above.