"C" Quilting Terms

By: Peter   On: 7 February 2018 

Quilting Terms Starting With (C).

Chain Piecing.

This is when you sew many quilt pieces together that are exactly the same. You feed them through you machine seing together without cutting the thread until you reach the end. (All pieces have been sewn together). This is when you go back and cut the thread. This is also knon as Fast Feed.

Continuous Line Quilting.

A pattern in which the design continues from start to finish so you don't have to stop and start.

Corner Square.

A square that is added to the top and bottom border before this is added to the quilt. The side borders would have already been sen to the quilt before adding the top and bottom borders.

Corner Triangles.

The four half square triangles that are sewn to the corners of a quilt that is set on point. The straight of the grain will be on the two outside edges. This will help to stabilize the outside edges of your project.

Corner Stones.

The name used for the small blocks that go into joining the sashing that goes around a larger block.

Cross Grain.

Threads in a woven fabric that run the length of the bolt of fabric. These also run selvage to selvage.

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