Sewing Kit Essentials

By: Hazel   On: 28 May 2017 

Starting out in your sewing adventures can be quite overwhelming, especially when there are so many options of tools and equipment to use. At Narnie’s Quilts and Things, we have delved into discovering the essentials needed for your first sewing kit!  

  1. Pins

With whatever you make, you will need pins to piece your designs together, or to ensure you get the measurements right when you are taking in clothing or taking up hems. There’s no limit to the number of pins you should have in your sewing kit, as they are incredibly handy, and also easy to lose. Colourful glass head pins are the best for beginners, and are easy to find amongst material due to their noticeable top. Ones without tops can often get lost, and later found when they prick your skin!

  1. Needles

You can’t really sew anything without needles, no matter if it is by hand or by machine. You will need different types of needles, such as thicker needles and longer needles for the diverse range of materials you will be working with. Ensure you have a lot of needles for your sewing machine, and even more for your hand sewing. 

  1. Fabric Scissors

Ensure that you have these close to you whenever you start your new sewing project. These can’t just be household scissors, as many cannot cut through material. Fabric scissors are made for a wide variety of fabrics and will ensure ease when you need to cut precisely and without fray or catching. As well as this, these should be strictly for your fabric; using them on other products can blunt them.

  1. Measuring tools

Essential to any sewing kit is some type of measurement tool. The most common of these would be a fabric tape measure. You may also need tools like a small ruler or a measuring gauge in order to get the right length and width of fabric. For beginners, a fabric measuring tape should be your first measuring tool, as it is highly versatile to use.

  1. Thread

Threads are what bind your material together. Once threaded through the needle, you are able to sew together pretty much anything. You can purchase thread in a variety of colours, ensuring that it will go unnoticed on your next project. Thread is essential and for any starter we would recommend buying the basic colours, black, white, blue, red and yellow.