Happy Quilting this New Year.

By: Peter   On: 12 January 2018 

Happy 2018 everyone!

The New Year has arrived and we are excited!

We are planning some exciting things for the New Year.

We are going to be offering many products at reduced prices from time to time and we will also be introducing some New and Exciting products to our online store. We are also thinking of offering giveaways to unsuspecting Lucky customers who buy from our range of Quilting Fabrics, Kits, Notions and Patterns. In fact, if you purchase something from our online store, you may be one of the lucky shoppers who receives one of our Giveaways. We will publish the name of the Lucky customer in our blog each month.

Quilting in Australia isn't as big as it is in some other countries around the world. We don't have the same dedication to the art of Quilting as say the Americans, Europeans etc. But Quilting never-the-less has many benefits for people of all ages, regardless of gender. 

It provides an outlet that showcases one's creativity as well as the satisfaction of making something unique that you can say you created from scratch. All stress and anxiety disappear when you are cutting and piecing together your very own work of art. What's more...You have something you can gift to a friend or relative, even a charity, that will be treasured for many years.

Children can be involved in this creative hobby too. What better way to occupy the young mind than creativity? Much better than Social media and the internet or even the TV. All these things require little thought and therefore numb the mind. They make it lazy and unproductive. Quilting forces them to think and problem solve as well as triggering the imagination to create new things.

Visit us this year and let us introduce you to the wonders of Quilting. 

You may decide you want to persue Quilting as a Hobby for relaxation or as a way to create things that you can sell for a profit. Either way, you'll find Quilting is one of those things you can't put down and not go back to once you start.

We are looking forward to seeing you here this year.

Happy New Year 2018 to all of you.