Cat-I-Tude by Anne Lauer

By: Peter   On: 30 March 2018 

New Cat-I-tude range of Fabric now available.

Cats with Cat-I-Tude.

They make us laugh with their silly antics, they rid our homes of vermin and above all, they offer companionship. 

They have been the subjects of folklore and superstition, heroism and humour and even been worshiped as Gods by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians. Why cats are even said to possess a unique sense for being able to sense the presence of evil in a room warning their owners of the presence through vacalizations and actions that they do not normally show.

They don't mind affection as long as it is only on their terms. They are independent and want to be pleased rather than aiming to please. Their top attributes are:

  • Adorable and cute                                                                  
  • Flexible and Agile
  • Happy (unless you end up with a Grumpy Cat)
  • Sleepy (cats sleep a hell of a lot each day)
  • They are extremely Friendly and Affectionate
  • They are extremely Smart, Intelligent and Funny
  • Silly, Goofy and Adventurous
  • Cuddly, Playful and curious 

With qualities such as those mentioned it's no wonder that cats have a grandiose attitude that they carry and exhibit with such poise and such attitude.

The Cat-I-Tude range of Fabric released by Benartex and designed by Anne Lauer, portrays this attitude in all its Glory. It depicts the cats in beautiful vivid colours with lovely coordinated spots and beautiful paizley designs accented with sprinkles of gold and silver throughout. Exactly how cats see and feel about their appearance.

If you love cats or even have a quilting cat that spends time with you while you sew, then these fabrics are sure to appeal to you.

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