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By: Hazel   On: 1 March 2017 

Below is a list of our latest blog posts, enjoy!

Narnie Chatter

Posted by Hazel Mavros on 3rd Jan 2017

Narnies Quilts & Things has been operating out of my home studio for 5 years, we thought it's about time we shared our love of fabric with the rest of the world so we have decided to open an online store. Please support us so we can keep bringing you the latest and best in Quilting fabric and Accessories plus much more. 



Cat-I-Tude by Anne Lauer

By: Peter   On: 30 March 2018

New Cat-I-tude range of Fabric now available.

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"C" Quilting Terms

By: Peter   On: 7 February 2018

Quilting Terms Starting With (C).

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Quilting Terms made Simple.

By: Peter   On: 20 January 2018

Quilting Terms and what they mean. Don't scratch your head trying to figure out what it means any longer. Search here for the answer.

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"B" Quilting Terms.

By: Peter   On: 20 January 2018

Quilting Terms Starting with (B)

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Happy Quilting this New Year.

By: Peter   On: 12 January 2018

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Shop In Comfort. Shop Online.

By: Peter   On: 21 November 2017

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Sewing Kit Essentials

By: Hazel   On: 28 May 2017

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The Quilting Dictionary

By: Hazel   On: 19 April 2017

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